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09.08.2021 Postimees (RUS) “The rally in Tallinn, timed to the anniversary of resistance to Lukashenka’s regime, was not understood by everyone”

09.08.2021 Video about the action “Belarus. 365 days of resistance “

29.05.2021 ERR (RUS) Report on the action in the program “Actual camera”

29.05.2021 TV3 (EST) They gathered in Tallinn to support the Belarusian opposition

25.03.2021 Postimees (EST)  Heads of Foreign Affairs Committees confirmed solidarity with the people of Belarus 

21.01.2021 (ENG) Svetlana Tsikhanouskaya met with activists of the Belarusian diaspora in Estonia

03.01.2021 Delfi (RUS) Belarus Diaspora visited commemorative event dedicated to those killed in the Liberation War

17.12.2020 Fotojutud (EST) Fotografiska moved to Tartu with a special exhibition

05.12.2020 Postimees  (RUS) A solidarity action with Belarusians called the “Belarusian Wall” took place on Freedom Square in Tallinn

05.12.2020 TV3 (EST) Vabaduse väljakul avaldati taaskord toetust Valgevene demokraatiale

01.12.2020 Postimees (EST) Invintation  to the solidarity action + RUS

27.11.2020 Raadio 4 (RUS) Radio broadcast dedicated to the opening of the photo-exhibition “The future of Belarus fueled by women”

13.11.2020 Postimees (EST) Belarusians in Tartu lit candles in commemoration of the national killed in Minsk

13.11.2020 Postimees (RUS) Belarusians brought the flowers to the ambessy of Belarus

10.10.2020 ERR (EST) They marched in Tallinn in support of Belarusian protesters

13.09.2020 ERR (RUS) The rally in support of Belarusian political detainees was arranged in Tallinn

13.09.2020 ERR (EST) Activists collected postcards in support of detainees in Tallinn, Belarus

23.08.2020 ERR (EST) Gallery: A human chain was formed in Tallinn to support Belarus

23.08.2020 Postimees (RUS) Chain of solidarity with Belarusian people will be formed in Tallinn

13.08.2020 Delfi (RUS) Belarusians of Estonia will gather in the square Vabaduse in Tallinn on Sunday

18.07.2020 Delfi (RUS) The rally against repressions in Belarus was held in the square Vabaduse

18.07.2020 Postimees (EST) Freedom Square protested against the actions of the Belarus authorities

18.07.2020 ETVPluss (EST) Report on the action on Freedom Square in the program “Actual Camera”

29.06.2020 ERR (EST) Protesters demanded fair presidential elections before the Belarusian embassy

29.06.2020 (BY) The picket of Solidarity with Belarus was held in Tallinn. VIDEO, PHOTO

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