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NCO "Valgevene maja" means "House of Belarus"

Democracy and respect for human rights is what Belarusian people all over the world are striving to. Freedom and justice are fundamental values which are absent in Belarus. NCO "Valgevene Maja" is the organisation of Belarusian diaspora in Estonia which is dedicated to help people faced terror from Belarusian government; to help innocents to avoid persecution; to assist Belarusian expats in employment and getting education; to defend rights of Belarusian citizens.


events and campaigns

29 Jun 2020

Picket at the embassy

Diaspora demanded transparent electoral process ensured by presence of independent observers at polling stations

18 Jul 2020

Rally against repressions in Belarus

Rally against political persecution in Belarus was held in the Freedom Square in Tallinn

9 Aug 2020

Belarusian Presidental Elections

652 people voted in the embassy of the Republic of Belarus. Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya won with 52.9% of votes

13 Aug 2020

Protest "Stop Violence"

400 people gathered in the Freedom Square in Tallinn

16 Aug 2020

Event of Colidarity with Belarusians

Urmas Reinsalu, the minister of foreign affairs of Estonia, held the speech among with other speakers.

23 Aug 2020

Event "Solidarity Chain"

Live chain from the Embassy of Belarus to the Freedom Square streched for more than 2.5 km

13 Sep 2020

Event "Solidarity Post"

Tallinners signed and sent over 200 postcards to the political prisoners in Belarus

17 Sep 2020

Meeting with political activists

Meeting in the Q&A format with Belarusian political activists in exile Veronika and Valery Tsepkalo

20 Sep 2020

Event "Square of Changes"

In Tammsaare park Estonian music bands and dance groups supported Belarus

23 Sep 2020

Rally against secret inauguration

On the secret inauguration day Tallinners arranged a rally against the outrage, demanding Belarusian government to obey laws of the Republic of Belarus

10 Oct 2020

"Women's March"

Beautiful women marched the streets of Tallinn Old Town in support of Belarus

27 Oct 2020

"DJ's of Changes" mural opening

The mural "DJ's of Changes" in commemoration of the struggle of Belarusians with dictatorship was opened in Telliskivi creative centre

29 Oct 2020

"Night of Murdered Poets"

Night of solidarity consecrated to the history of repressions in 1937, the memory of Belarusian cultural figures killed in that year

13 Nov 2020

Picket in memory at the embassy

Picket at Belarus embassy in memory of the murdered Roman Bondarenko

27 Nov 2020

Online photo exhibition opening

Online exhibition "The Future of Belarus Fueled by Women" has opened at the Fotografiska Center Tallinn

05 dec 2020

Picket "Belarus wall"

A solidarity action with Belarusians called the "Belarusian Wall" took place on Freedom Square in Tallinn

17 Dec 2020


Photo exhibition "The future of Belarus. Fueled by Women" opened in Tartu

03 Jan 2021

Belarus Diaspora visited the commemorative event in memory of victims of the Liberation War

Diaspora representatives attended a commemorative event dedicated to those killed in the Liberation War. Estonian Defense Minister Juri Luik attended the event.

21 Jan 2021

SVETLANA TSIKHANOUSKAYA meet with Belarus diaspora in Tallinn

Svetlana Tsikhanouskaya met with the activists of diaspora in Estonia at the Museum of Occupation and Freedom in Tallinn

7 Feb 2021

event of solidarity

At Freedom square in Tallinn the event of solidarity with Belarus was held, timed to 6 months of protest for the right to live in

12 Feb 2021

rally by the embassy

Belarusians in Estonia arranged the rally by the embassy of the Republic of Belarus against holding in Minsk the All-belarusian people's assembly.

25 Mar 2021

Freedom Day

Belarusians laid flowers at the memorial plaque in honor of the Freedom Day.

25 Mar 2021


In honor of the Freedom Day , an online lecture was held by the researcher of the history of the BPR, by Yuras Yurkevich.

29 May 2021


The Belarusians of Estonia held the "International Day of Solidarity with Belarus". A white-red-white flowerbed was planted and art object opened in Harju Street Park.

31 May 2021


Svetlana Tikhanouskaya met with the Belarus diaspora. There were discussed issues of assistance to political prisoners, the activities of the diaspora and other issues.

9 August 2021

Action “Belarus. 365 Days of Resistance"

More than 600 people have been recognized as political prisoners in Belarus. Their names were written by the Belarusians of Estonia on the chairs so

24-25 September 2021

Participation in the "conference of the Belarusians of the world"

Representatives of the non-profit organization Valgevene Maja took part in the online part of the conference organized by the headquarters of Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya.

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